Play Daily Fantasy Sports

Everything has transitioned to the online world and everyones wants accessibility through their phones and couches, so why not fantasy sports ? Fanspel is a blockchain based fantasy sports app that allows users to create teams of real players that are going to play matches in real time and allows users to use their skills and knowledge to earn an extra buck. This is one of the most skilled based games for a sports enthusiast and with the use of cryptocurrency Fanspel helps two world’s merge.

Fanspel is one of the leading and best cryptocurrency based fantasy sports platforms that allows you to engage in various fantasy sports leagues and contests with the use of cryptocurrency, every transaction that happens on our platform uses cryptocurrency to maintain anonymity and privacy of the user. Fanspel caters to various categories and sports such as fantasy football, fantasy cricket, fantasy baseball and fantasy basketball.

Best Crypto Trading Platform- FAN Token

Fanspel is a platform for all the crypto traders and enthusiasts that want to enjoy an added benefit of fantasy sports, this emerging industry is cryptocurrency is an ever growing industry and as you can see it is on the way to becoming mainstream and getting adopted by the masses. Our extremely low commissions and reliability make it a perfect fit for you and every crypto enthusiast.

Fanspel Token is the mode of transaction for you to play on Fanspel, this gives it a gamified experience for everyone. Fanspel Token is based on the BSC ( Binance Smart Chain ), the use of tokens on Fanspel’s games make it a decentralized way of playing on our site with genuine users.

We even provide staking services which allows people to generate multiple streams of income from our token.

Staking Cryptocurrency

Staking on Fanspel is possible due to our very own native token called FAN Token, this token can be stored in the FAN Wallet which allows our users to deposit,trade,withdraw and deposit with just a single click.

This enables you to put your FAN tokens to work within seconds and earn passive income also known as staking rewards on all your FAN token holdings.

We have various options for the users depending on their preference, staking at FANSPEL can enable you to earn upto a 18% APR. Our Flex plans allow you to stake as and when you want without locking away your funds for a longer time, this is an extremely amazing way for anyone who is a sports enthusiast to get into cryptocurrency along with playing their favourite games on our website and app.