About Us

Everything is online. Why not sports? Fanspel is a blockchain-based fantasy sports platform where users can create their own Digital teams of real players using their sports knowledge & skills. The digital teams earn points based on real-life performances of real players that are converted into fantasy points. The better your selected player in your teams performs in real life, the higher your fantasy points.

Fanspel uses cryptocurrency as a means of transaction. Why? With cryptocurrency growing and with wide audience reach, it is possible to transact globally without any friction. Fanspel gives players a platform to play in cryptocurrency. Although cryptocurrency is a comparatively new form of payment, it is accepted worldwide, without the usual fees or banking frictions. At Fanspel, our sole focus is to maintain our players' interests. We attempt our best to give our players a new experience. Players come to our platform to utilize their unique sports abilities on our fantasy sports platform. Fanspel offers fantasy sports collections in Cricket, Football, Basketball, and Baseball and is working to introduce new sports soon. These shall include - Golf, Rugby, Waterpolo, and Volleyball. That’s not all! Every day, we push ourselves to do better and give players new offers for a good experience. Our platform provides the most gamified approach to enjoying fantasy sports.


Our main goal is to offer you, the players with an opportunity to play online with cryptocurrencies safely and responsibly.

Being the leading digital entertainment company, we anticipate market demands and offer our players a safe, secure, and fun way of playing virtual games with cryptocurrencies.

Fantasy sports are games that use skills. Our vision is to bring out your inside athlete by giving you a platform to test your extraordinary online sports gaming expertise.

We dedicate ourselves towards the improvement and innovation towards the direction of our users. This includes giving them a fulfilling experience as well as giving them a platform for worry-free secured transactions.

Our mission is to be one of the top trusted platforms for fantasy sports and help individuals realize their sports talent and knowledge.

We at Fanspel want our users to have the best experience and allow them to be close to fantasy sports.