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Account Verification

A verified Fanspel account helps us to authenticate the identity of our genuine user playing on our Fanspel platform.

It is to ensure the fair playing policy of Fanspel and to also avoid to unauthorized transaction and activities which may breach the compliance set by company and government.

We verify your identity in Following ways ,

Email verification:

When asked , enter the correct mail id, you will receive OTP on the given Mail ID, enter the correct OTP to verify your mail-id.

Wallet Activation:

1. There are 1-12 phrase you must note down for further verification process and to recover wallet in future.

2. Then click on next button.

3. You must write right phrase on their respective number.

4. Once numbers and phrase match each other, then your wallet is activated successfully.

How to Deposit FAN Token:

  • User must have BNB in their wallet to play fantasy sports on Fanspel
  • Click on right corner there is swap option
  • Through this option swap BNB to FAN token
  • FAN token will be received on wallet
  • Click on "ADD AMOUNT (FAN)
  • FAN token will be received on Deposit section

How to Withdraw winning FAN Token:

  • Click on Withdraw button
  • Enter FAN token amount click on "WITHDRAW"
  • FAN token will be received on FAN wallet.
  • FAN token swap with BNB coin
  • Then BNB coin directly send to other wallet.

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