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Blockchain-based fantasy sports refer to the idea of playing fantasy sports using cryptocurrency. The fuel used to play fantasy sports on Fanspel is Fanspel Token (FAN Token). A brand-new blockchain advancement that offers customers a gamified experience for gaming and earning cryptocurrency.

Fanspel Token is a fresh take on blockchain technology that offers users a gamified way to earn cryptocurrency. The Fanspel platform debuted in July 2020. Fanspel is a token that runs on the Binance smart chain. The Fanspel token is specifically made to function as a network of genuine people.

The Binance Smart Chain Technology underlies the FAN token. It has a token contract for BEP-20. As a result, the token can be adaptable and has the possibility to serve several purposes.

No, Fanspel is a fantasy sports application where users can play fantasy sports (baseball, basketball, football, and cricket), and FAN is a token that can be purchased for trading or playing. Fanspel offers a platform for playing fantasy sports using fan tokens, which you can trade to earn more fans. How can I get fan tokens? What is the difference between Token & Coin? Where can I check the Fan token price & circulating supply? Is it safe to deposit money on fanspel?

1. Log in on Fanspel App
2. Click on Left corner then click on "Account" section
3. Add BNB coin to wallet
4. Click on top Right corner (three dots) there is swap function
5. Click on "Swap" then swap BNB coin to FAN token.

Coin - Coin is a type of digital money that may be used to make purchases. It functions just like the actual money that we use.
Token - The project issues this "digital asset" as a token. Within the ecology of the project, it serves as a payment method. Similar to a movie ticket, it has a set value and may only be used at predetermined times and locations. It could represent a firm's stake, grant access to the project's features, and carry out a lot more. Where can I check the Fan token price & circulating supply? Is it safe to deposit money on fanspel?