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Where Will I Get My Referral Code ?

Once you login click on more button at the bottom left corner of the screen then click on invite friend option and there you will find the referral code and invite friend link.

How To Get Referral Bonus?

a. Share your referral code or invite friends link with your friends using various sharing platforms,
b. If a new user uses your provided link or Refer code during Signup then he is considered as your Referred user.
c. Now, on minimum deposit by your referral you will get 10% on his deposited amount (for the first level ) which will be added to your referral account. Now at every level percentage add to your referral account will differ due to every level is having different Percentage.
d. The best thing about the referral program is that the BONUS will be allowed up to 16 Tiers. This is the Unique Selling Proposition of playing at Fanspel Fantasy Sports.

Eligibility To Get Referral Bonus To Be Eligible For Referral Bonus ?

To be eligible for referral bonus first you need add minimum Fan token in your Fanspel account. NOTE: User should be registered using your referral code.

How To Utilize The Fan Token Of Referral ?

The Fan token of Referral BONUS can be utilized either in the withdrawal of Fan token or can be used to join any contest present in Fanspel Fantasy Application. The most unique feature of playing at Fanspel is that you can withdraw the Fan Token of referral bonus which no fantasy offers.

What If The User Forget To Enter Your Referral ?

If the user forgets to use your referral code then you would not get any bonus from the new user.

How Can I Change My Referral Code?

No you cannot change the referral code given to you it is permanently set and is unique for every user .

How My Referral Amount Get Distributed ?

The earned amount through the referral will be divided into 50 referral bonus and 50 Fan token.

Where Do I Find My Invite Code?

To share your referral code go to Fanspel more invite friends you will find referral link and code which you can share with your friends.

How Will I Score Points?

The users are awarded scores on the basis of the on-field performance of their selected players in the live match./p>

When Are Points Updated?

Points are updated every few minutes during the match, however the final points and scores are calculated and updated after the match completion. For national and international matches points & scores are updated immediately after match completion, however to update local matches points & scores takes time.

When Are Winners Declared And Prize Distributed?

The declaration of the winners and prize distribution is done only after proper points & score calculation after the match completion. Declaration of winners and distribution of prize for local matches takes time as the scores are being collected manually from the field and then verified and updated in the system.

Where Can I Score?

You can see scores on the scorecard which is available within the application.

How Long It Takes To Update Point System After Match Completion?

To update Points/ranks can take some time than usual because we are trying to update the points on a real-time basis. We also verify the points with live score feeds provided by our official sources to ensure that the points/ranks are correctly updated after every match. Once the results come out the final scores, points and rankings will declare accordingly. NOTE :- Nowadays it's taking more than one or two days and it's not in our control due to CORONA outbreak. We Fanspel team are trying our best to give you better service in this uncertain time.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program is a partnership between you and the Fanspel will pay you a set commission for any leads that you send through your sites banners/links/videos, etc. Every referred customer that is active and produces revenue generates profit for you.

How Do I Earn Money Through Your Program?

Whenever a player registers via your referral links , you will earn a percentage of that player's revenue.

How Much Can I Earn As An Affiliate?

There is no limit to the amount of revenue you can earn. The more effort you put into sending traffic to the site , the more you will earn.

Will It Cost Me Anything To Become An Affiliate?

It Won't Cost You Anything. Affiliate Program Is Absolutely Free! Our Goal Is To Help You Advertise Our Brand, And We Are Glad To Compensate You Fairly For Your Efforts.

How Much Effort Does Joining Involve?

We respect your time and our user-friendly backend allows you to start generating earnings within seconds after the registration. Once logged in, all you need to do is share your referral link, and you can immediately start advertising.

How Do I Earn Commission?

When you refer a player, he or she becomes linked to your affiliate account. When he or she plays FAN points and generates revenue, part of that revenue will be credited to your wallet.

How Can I Keep Track Of My Performance?

You can track your performance by logging into the application you will find affiliate option in menu bar from there you can track your performance.

How Exactly Is My Affiliate Profit Calculated?

At the initial stage of Affiliate Partnership Program, you will be eligible for "30% Contest Profit earned through your user" till you reached 1000 users. After you cross 1000 users you will be eligible for 50% Contest Profit earned through your user in any particular contest given below, after deducting Bonus, Pool Prize.

How Do I Get Paid For Being An Affiliate?

You will receive affiliate commission in FAN points in your referral bonus wallet after completion of match and winning Distibution.

How Often Am I Paid?

You will withdraw your commission any time.

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What Is Fanspel Token?

Fanspel Token is a new blockchain innovation that provides gamified experience for users to earn cryptocurrency. Fanspel platform was launched on dated in July 2020. Fanspel token is based on Binance smart chain. Fanspel token is specially designed as a network consisting of genuine people.

What Is Fanspel Fantacy Sports Application?

Fanspel is fantasy sports app that offers fantasy sports collections like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Baseball.

Which Cryptocurrency I Used On Fanspel Platform?

If you want to play on Fanspel then BNB coin must have on your wallet.

How Can I Get Fan Token?

  • Log in on Fanspel App
  • Click on Left corner then click on "Account" section
  • Add BNB coin in wallet
  • Click on top Right corner (three dots) there is swap function
  • Click on "Swap" then swap BNB coin to FAN token