1. You confirm that you are aware of the fact that gambling at the website may lead to losing money. The Company is not liable for any possible financial damage arising from the use of the website.

2. The Company is taking effective steps to protect player’s private data from any unauthorized use and is only making it available to parties involved in providing of gambling services through the website. Notwithstanding this, the Company is not responsible for how the information is further treated by third parties, for example third party software providers or affiliates. Treatment of player’s private data by such parties is subject to Terms And Conditions of these parties, if any.

3. The Company is not responsible for any hardware, software, defects, unstable or lost Internet connections, or any other technical errors that may limit player’s access to the website or prevent player from an uninterrupted play.

4. In the unlikely case where a bet is confirmed or a payment is performed by us in error, the Company reserves the right to cancel all bets accepted containing such an error, or to correct the mistake by re-settling all the bets at the correct terms that should have been available at the time that the bet was placed in the absence of the error.


No waiver by us of any terms of the Agreement shall be construed as a waiver of any preceding or succeeding breach of any terms of the Agreement.